Become a Project Rousseau volunteer and help brighten the futures of underserved youth in your region. There are several ways you can become involved:


Become a Mentor

  • As a mentor at one of our participating colleges, you would be matched up with a Project Rousseau student in the same class as you, i.e. a college freshmen would be matched up with a 9th grader, a college sophomore with a 10th grader, etc.  
  • Mentors are expected to meet with their Mentee at least once a week over the course of their high school career.
  • The bond between our Mentors and Mentees is extremely powerful and is central to our program. 
  • These relationships have proven to be successful, lifelong friendships built on trust and mutual respect. 
  • Read our Mentor and Mentee testimonials here. 


Tutor our Students

  • All our students benefit from group SAT classes and subject specific classes as part of our academics pillar.
  • Classes take place on a weekly or fortnightly basis during term time and more frequently during vacations.
  • We rely on volunteers of all ages and academic specialities to facilitate our academic program.
  • We train our volunteer tutors and tailor our curriculum in order to expose our students to the best of US education.
  • Apply to join our team of expert tutors here.


Start a Chapter

  • We are looking to expand our existing chapters to cover new regions of the U.S.
  • If you are a college student or staff member and are interested in getting involved in running your own chapter as part of Project Rousseau, please contact us.

Join Friends of Project Rousseau

Our culture is all about improving the breadth and quality of our service and with this in mind we have created a network of young professionals called 'Friends of Project Rousseau’ who come together to:

  • Meet other like minded individuals.
  • Contribute to the direction of an excellent education non-profit.
  • Expose our students to new opportunities.
  •  Interact with our students and become role models for them.

Browse through our online booklet below to learn exactly what being a Friend of Project Rousseau entails!



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