The Urban Solutions Collaborative

The Urban Solutions Collaborative (USC) is a unique opportunity for students with different life experiences to work together and brainstorm solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. Based on the latest social policy research and Project Rousseau’s experiences, USC participants will work in small groups to investigate a youth-oriented social challenge and propose a practicable policy solution. Together, guided by coaches from our Junior Board, students will explore solutions issues of hunger, college access, juvenile justice, and more. 

Each USC group will be provided with a packet containing background on the problem, summaries of relevant research, and past policy interventions. The group will then, under the guidance of their coach, have discussions about potential solutions informed by the materials and the participants’ diverse life experiences. Over the course of the one-day program, students will devise their solutions and prepare a presentation that they will give at the conclusion of the event.

USC’s diverse group of participants will be half Project Rousseau students, and half will be students outside of Project Rousseau from a number of different schools, so that all students benefit from the richly diverse learning environment. All students will strengthen their strategic thinking skills while deepening their policy awareness.

The first USC day will be held at Project Rousseau’s office on Saturday, February 23rd. We will begin at 10:00am with check-in, breakfast, and an introduction. USC will end with presentations from each group at 3:00pm. 

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