SAT Boot Camps

Since our European exchange students developed a great interest in going to university in the United States, we have decided to bring our SAT Preparation and University Application curriculum to Switzerland, Denmark and the United Kingdom for the summer. They do this alongside Project Rousseau's students from the United States, and under the highly experienced guidance of instructors from the United States.

All materials are provided by Project Rousseau and each student's fee directly funds the opportunity for one Project Rousseau student to participate alongside them. 

Over the course of the boot camp students will receive 70 hours of instruction, including 40 hours of SAT Prep and 30 hours of individualized University application support. They will each leave the boot camp with a complete and balanced college list, full draft of the common application and two completed college supplements.

At last year's boot camp students improved their SAT scores by an average of 190 points. In the past year, Project Rousseau students have been admitted to elite universities, including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, NYU and McGill. 

This is both an extremely robust academic program and an opportunity for students to study in a unique intercultural learning environment that prepares them well for life as a university student in the United States. For more information about joining us at one of our three boot camps this summer please see below, or email