D79 and Project Rousseau Partnership

Last week our New York City office hosted a meeting with two members of the NYC Department of Education District 79 team to discuss the next steps in our partnership with the district. 

D79 serves over-aged and under-credited students in the NYC public education system, many of whom have recently arrived to the United States or have been involved in the juvenile justice system. The D79 members presented to our team about the diversity in students they serve and outlined the different ways in which students can be referred to the district. They also discussed the success of many of their programs and the recent expansion of the Pathways to Graduation program, the program with which Project Rousseau will work most closely with.

 The meeting served as a great opportunity for our staff to learn about the different paths and services available for students learning in these non-traditional settings and how students might be referred to us from these different programs. Additionally, the D79 representatives were able to address many of our questions regarding the district as a whole and those which were specific to the situation of some of our students. 

In the coming weeks, Project Rousseau will be presenting to the Principals’ Cabinet of the Pathways to Graduation program in both the Bronx and Queens. Furthermore, D79 staff across the district will make referrals to Project Rousseau, and we are delighted that our first three referrals were received this week!

We are very grateful for those D79 team members who took time out of their day to meet with us and look forward to working with them further to help more students reach their full potential, no matter their life circumstances.