Pie Day 2018


This year marked Project Rousseau’s 7th Annual Pie Day. Over 75 volunteers gathered together to bring the holiday spirit to local homeless shelters in NYC. As crusts were rolled, apples chopped and pies filled the room became filled with more laughter, fun and a deep sense of pride and accomplishment. In the end, we had yet another record-breaking year with 646 pies baked and distributed to the homeless.

Despite the hectic day, we paused to take a moment to honor some of the hard-working members of the Project Rousseau community. Alejandro Zarate, a member of the Project Rousseau family since 2013, was awarded the Zach Brokaw Award. This award is named in honor of a volunteer who passed away in 2015, and the exceptional commitment and care that Alejandro has shown towards our students resonates in every way with the way that Zach supported those he served.

This year’s recipient of the Jean Prendergast Award for Excellence in Community Service goes to New York City student Assul! Over the past year, Assul has gone above and beyond expectations in community service. Not only has she attended Project Rousseau community service events, but she pioneered a STEM mentoring initiative for middle school students near her. Assul, a lover of all things STEM, felt that her own STEM education could have benefitted from a mentor, leading her to create an opportunity for younger kids to learn more about STEM. Assul has displayed motivation, resourcefulness, and a sense of creativity that namesake of the award Jean Prendergast would be proud of!

We want to congratulate both our recipients as well as all our student and adult volunteers who helped make Pie Day 2018 our biggest one yet.