SAT Successes

Here at Project Rousseau, our most recent SAT Test Preparation Group achieved remarkable results! A particular group of students were enrolled in extra SAT prep after being selected as likely to achieve high scores, and these extra hours of work paid off. More than merely learning how to shade in bubbles, students learned important grammar, English comprehension, and mathematics lessons all while figuring out how to manage their time effectively in a high stakes situation.

Every single student saw improvement from their Junior Year PSAT score in October to their SAT scores for March, with an average increase of over 100 points!! One student equalled Project Rousseau’s highest ever SAT score, improving their score by over 200 points in the process. Many students scored well in the upper-90th percentiles and nearly all were above the 85th. These extremely impressive scores are a testament to just how hard students prepared multiple nights a week on top of their full coursework.

Through standardized test prep under our Academics pillar, Project Rousseau is able to help students place into selective pre-college programs, such as QuestBridge and LEDA, and to obtain excellent college acceptances. This year, students were accepted at Stanford, Harvard, the University of Chicago, Swarthmore College, and McGill University, among many others. Test prep is just one way in which we are able to help students receive a higher education and achieve their goals.