January and February 2019 Broadening Horizons

It’s been an exciting and educational last few months for Project Rousseau’s Broadening Horizons pillar! From museum trips to movie screenings to art workshops, students have experienced a variety of cultures hands-on, and have taken away important lessons from these excursions.  

In the months of January and February, students were particularly exposed to social justice issues through film. Students were able to attend a private screening of two films from the African Film Festival. These films gave students a glimpse into the lives of women in Senegal and even were able to hear the producers speak about the film! Students have also started attending a weekly educational film night in our offices - last week students watched The Seventh Seal, a Swedish film regarding philosophy and existentialism. The list of movies scheduled includes documentaries, other foreign films, and classic blockbusters - so students will be exposed to a wide array of perspectives and cultures! Students also tuned into a live talk about the Black Lives Matter movement in New York City public schools, as we held a viewing party in the office. Project Rousseau students felt especially connected to this talk, as it regarded an issue directly happening in their schools and lives, and we were able to have a productive discussion about the movement.

Outside of film and speech, students also were able to visit multiple New York City institutions. We visited the Metropolitan Museum, a classic, and the lesser-known Museum of the Chinese in America. Students were excited to explore exhibits related to their own cultural background and were especially amazed at seeing the actual artifacts that are in their history textbooks, in real life. Another hands on experience occurred when we visited the International Print Center. Students were able to attend a printmaking workshop with a professional print artist, and everyone went home with evidence of their hard work!

Overall, the winter Broadening Horizons excursions blended entertainment and education in a way that really connected with students, as we experienced high turn-out and engagement levels. The Broadening Horizons pillar is fundamental to Project Rousseau's mission as it exposes students to a range of issues, experiences, and potential life paths that may have remained closed off to them. We are very much looking forward to the programs that spring has in store!