Pre-College Success Program Launches!

Project Rousseau is excited to announce the launching of our Pre-College Success Program - a multiple-week course designed at teaching junior and senior students the skills they need to thrive in higher education.

The Pre-College Success Program was designed after Project Rousseau considered the challenges in transitioning from high school to college that our students currently in college have encountered. It intends to preemptively correct or ease up on these challenges, by teaching our current high school students the skills that college students need to develop upon matriculation. It is especially important to Project Rousseau that our students not only get into college, but succeed while in their undergraduate years, and we aim to support them throughout by building up a foundation of tools and knowledge that they can use over the next four years and life.

The program will take place for twelve weeks of two hour sessions and it started on Friday, February 22nd. The Pre-College Success Program includes eight sessions on writing research essays and four workshops on topics such as drafting emails to professors, adjusting socially to college, managing finances, and selecting classes. Currently, six students are enrolled in the course, with hopefully more to be added as it picks up popularity and success.

The first session focused on improving the writing of basic sentences - and while this sounds simple, students spent the full time working on improving their sentence structure, with a second session to come! Students Assul and Carolina were particularly intrigued with the concept of “nominalizations,” or verbs that have been changed into nouns. Both students spent ample time correcting various New York Times articles that used nominalizations, and rewrote them with active verbs instead. Student Jahnya is particularly excited to take this new skill of making her writing more dynamic and to use it while writing academic work in college!

Overall, students found the class to be helpful and worthwhile, and they plan on incorporating these writing skills into their current work and future college assignments. Next week, we will focus on the sentence again, and then we will switch over to learning more about practical skills such as reaching out to professors through email and office hours. The Pre-College Success Program is off to an exciting start, and Project Rousseau looks forward to seeing the impact it has on our students’ achievements.

Students hard at work!

Students hard at work!