Meet Pia

Pia’s family learned some tragic news in her senior year which meant that she had to stay in her hometown for college. This news, however, made Pia even more determined to succeed in college and pursue a career in the health sciences. Pia also resolved that she wanted to volunteer with Project Rousseau to give back to younger students.

Pia is part of our College Success program, she spoke to her Project Rousseau College Success Coordinator recently when she was having difficulty registering for classes. Pia had been told by someone to register for both biology and chemistry in his first semester, however, she was very concerned about such a heavy course load so early in her college education, particularly as she is the primary carer for a family member. Pia and her College Success Coordinator worked together to formulate a plan for her classes balancing both her academic goals, extracurricular interests and family commitments.

Pia is now a weeks into her first semester and is thriving at college!

(Names, likeness and some identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals)