Meet Katya

Katya faced many challenges in her life. When we first met Katya housing security was the first thing on her mind. Our Student Needs staff worked with Katya to address this need, and others such as food insecurity and ensuring that her healthcare needs were met.

Katya soon began to come to our academic programs and worked extremely hard on foundational reading and math skills. It was after one of these programs that Katya told her staff that she thought “school wasn’t for her.” Unlike many students who might say this though, Katya had carefully thought about what she was saying and, with the help of her mentor, set about creating a plan towards high school graduation and exploring vocational programs. Project Rousseau prides itself on working with students of all academic abilities and we continued to support Katya as she made steps towards her new goals.

Katya continued to show great determination and work-ethic. Katya is well on her way to graduation and looking forward to entering a career in the media industry after graduating.