Yale Day of Service

As a special Broadening Horizons experience, Project Rousseau students participated in a Career Day with Yale alumni and current students as part of the annual Yale Day of Service event . Recent Yale graduates and older ones alike came together to create a memorable day. Yale students and graduates in the fields of finance, law, health, journalism, and architecture provided the students with information about how to apply, life at Yale, and options after graduating. After being split into groups for the first exercise, the students rotated around to speak with every group of alumni and current students. During this, alumni told Project Rousseau students about their specific experiences at Yale in relation to their majors. They also gave tips on how to apply to Yale and how to know if it is the right place for you. Advice ranged from time management skills to what life is like as a Yale student. For the second activity, students picked who they wanted to talk to, either graduates or current students. The former talked about how to apply to jobs once graduating while the second elaborated on how to apply top schools like Yale. The event was especially helpful for students currently applying to college, and even those curious about life after college!

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I went into the experience expecting the same advice that I was given before, but found myself learning much more about what it means to be a college student and how to find your true passion.
— Rony
The career day was great! While I am already finished with the college application process, I received a lot of advice on how to transition from high school to college, such as how to chose friends or navigate the new social scene. In addition, I also was given advice on how to determine if I wanted to attend graduate school in the future, taking into account both the price of school itself vs the potential career benefits down the road
— Rose
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I managed to learn about different fields and found some that fit my personality. I also got to sit down with one of the alumni to discuss various internships that I could do since I will be taking a GAP year. Some include ACLU organization, Planned Parenthood, Henry Street Settlement etc. It was a great experience and I walked out with their business cards in case if I needed support in the future.
— Angelica