Chicago SAT Boot Camp

Last week, Project Rousseau's Founder and President, Andrew Heinrich traveled to Chicago to lead a weekend SAT Boot Camp for the students that are involved in their local chapter. Students from 9th through 11th grade, who currently are attending Hyde Park Academy and Bronzeville Scholastic Institute, met with their mentors at the University of Chicago to study for the upcoming SAT test. The Boot Camp focused on the fundamentals of the standardized test, walking the attendees through the reading, grammar, and math sections. Students received a total of 9 hours of instruction and one-on-one academic guidance/planning for their testing experiences.

Students learned many valuable grammar lessons and were able to work through challenging math problems using their personalized counseling. During breaks, students were able to discuss and navigate their upcoming college processes. They were also able to learn study skills and ways to be a more involved student at their high schools to prep.

SAT Boot Camp at Project Rousseau goes much further than shading in bubbles for multiple choice questions, it inspires a brighter future for students across our nation-wide chapters.

“I had a very good experience at Boot Camp. It was really helpful for My PSAT, especially in reading. I’m hoping to go to college to be a Paramedic or to be a musical artist and actress.”

— Chicago 9th Grade Student