Visiting Colleges in Boston

Boston is home to some of the world’s most esteemed universities, and it is a city full of culture and history.  On Wednesday, Project Rousseau students travelled to Boston to visit colleges and take advantage of the many opportunities in the city. The first thing on the agenda was the annual Harvard University Bioethics Conference, here the students learned about the controversial case of Jahi McMath and watched experts in the field debate what it means to be "brain dead".

The students also packed in many campus visits during the trip starting off with Boston University. From there they travelled to Cambridge to see Harvard University. A short ride on the T after lunch and our students were at MIT. Here they took a tour of Professor Cheeseman's lab and learned about chromosomal segregation during mitosis. On our final morning in Boston we visited Northeastern University to learn about their unique co-op program, as you will see below Northeastern was a popular choice among our students! 

Visiting these universities opened my eyes to the environment that I see myself in due to the diversity of the campuses we visited. I’m considering applying to Harvard now because I was able to see it in person rather than just virtually!
30688377_2072628022996482_95414614036054016_n (1).jpg

I loved visiting Northeastern and MIT. I got to see some new things and learn more about the colleges and I’m definitely gonna apply for both those colleges. MIT made my top 10 colleges.

My favorite part was visiting Northeastern University. It’s a lovely campus and the experience I had there made the school one of my top 5.