Copenhagen SAT Boot Camp

This March, some of our students had the opportunity to visit Copenhagen, Denmark for our fourth annual International SAT Boot Camp program! Here, students worked alongside Danish students who are preparing to apply to college in the United States. Our students shared their passion for learning with the Danish students.


One student reported that the Danish students had “greeted her with kindness,” and that she had truly bonded with her fellow SAT prep class mates. Another student stated that they were “excited about the constant SAT prep” and now they can walk into the upcoming SAT test with confidence in achieving their “goal of getting a higher score.” At Project Rousseau, we work with students to achieve these goals to round out their college applications and expand their horizons to top tier universities.

Our students also had some time to explore Copenhagen while taking a break from SAT prep, for a guided tour of Freetown Christiania. This has been our seventh exchange with the Rysensteen Gymnasium. Project Rousseau students had a fantastic two weeks prepping for college applications and the SAT with their Danish peers, learning about Denmark's history and culture, and experiencing "hygge" with their host families. One student said in reflection on the that they learned that “meeting new people helps better your understanding of the world,” which is why Project Rousseau encourages learning beyond the classroom.