Japan Exchange 2018


Before entering into a world so different than New York, Project Rousseau students were debriefed on the etiquette and traditions in Japan. Cultural differences were addressed, especially in terms of etiquette, such as the removing of shoes before entering certain restaurants, temples, and even museums. After the long flight, Students were welcomed to Japan with a ramen dinner and prepared themselves from a fun day of sushi making to come. The next days were filled with adventures through the fish market, Tokyo Opera, museums, and the colorful area of Harajuku.

After Tokyo, the next stop was Kyoto to meet the host families. In Kyoto, Project Rousseau students attended classes at Kyoto Gaidai Nishi High School and even participated in a Model United Nations debate representing the US. During the school day, students picked up some useful Japanese phrases they were able to use while they visited the Golden Temple, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, a monkey park, and other famous monuments around Kyoto. Aside from sightseeing in Kyoto, the students were also able to tour the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies to learn about the new program in Global Studies. After a few days spent in Kyoto at school, the Project Rousseau students spent the weekend with their host families, doing activities ranging from going to Osaka to visit its Koreatown to visiting an aquarium in Kyoto.

Once returning to Tokyo, it was a sad goodbye for the students as they left Japan and transitioned back into their daily lives of school and work.