London Exchange 2018

From historical sites and museums to visiting prestigious universities our London 2018 Exchange was once again a huge hit for all participating students.

The trip included a whistle-stop tour through British history with students learning about various key periods including Shakespeare's London, Churchill's war time efforts and women's suffrage. Indeed, many students said that one of their trip highlights was visiting three museums in one day, something they had never done before. 

During the trip we also visited various elite universities, including the London School of Economics and Oxford University. While in Oxford Carolina and Ruby were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate in a tutorial alongside current students and Dr Caroline Phillips. They discussed the evolution of human violence and the use of chimpanzees and bonobos as a model to explain this. 

Another high point of the trip was visiting the Houses of Parliament and sitting in on a debate in both chambers. In the House of Commons we heard about the impact of Brexit on different regions and their industries in the UK and also about outsourcing in the public sector. This second debate was particularly of interest to Denzel, who had recently learned about outsourcing in his community college classes! 

For chaperones, a highlight of the trip is without a doubt conversations had with the students on the tube, at lunch or walking between museums. Notable student observations from this trip included, the differences between NYC housing projects and London's council estates, diversity in the various career paths and financial aid in the UK vs. the USA.  Throughout the trip students engaged with their new environment in a very impressive manner and we hope that they will continue this while back in NYC and when they travel again in the future. 

As ever, we are extremely thankful for the host families and schools in London which make this trip a success. All of our students had fantastic experiences with their hosts and a running theme  was how welcome they felt.