Summer Programs

The summer may be here but that doesn’t mean the hard work stops for our students. While many of our students have been discovering new countries, their peers have also been making the most of what Project Rousseau has to offer in their own communities.

Throughout the summer we offer a drop-in program for students. This can include anything from extra SAT prep to help signing up for soup kitchens. Summer hunger and safety in their own neighborhoods are often problems for many of our students and for that reason we make sure that all of our summer programs offer even more free food than usual and a safe, quiet place for those who need it.


Drop-in time also allows for students to work together. Here at Project Rousseau, we really value peer-to-peer tutoring, below Chinelo is helping her peers with some schoolwork. Peer tutoring is such a useful tool that can aid both the teacher and the student. By helping the other students, Chinelo is further solidifying her knowledge in a specific subject, and the other students are getting help from someone they can relate to. We have had a number of older Project Rousseau students participate in peer tutoring over the summer and they have all done a great job!


Additionally, our Broadening Horizons pillar continues throughout the summer. The extra time allows us to expand beyond our usual sites. Recently a small group of Project Rousseau students recently enjoyed a day trip to Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey! The students had the opportunity to explore the beautiful campus via a student-lead tour and also attend an information talk on undergraduate programs and entry requirements. Despite the on and off rain, it was a great day, where everyone learned a lot and got some great pictures too!

Similarly, we are always thankful to our partner organization Kids In Seats for the wonderful experiences they offer our students. Over the summer we were fortunate to attend many sports games, including a suite at the Yankee Stadium