Meet Eliana, a Project Rousseau student at Georgetown

Eliana (pictured right) is a junior at Georgetown university, majoring in anthropology. We spoke to her for our new #humansofprojectrousseau initative about her experience going to university, and the continued support Project Rousseau has given her at Georgetown.


“The good thing about Project Rousseau is that the helps extends past High School. I can feel alone at Georgetown or that I don’t belong in my classes, but having Project Rousseau’s support has been a great help. When I started college I had a really hard time with my chemistry classes, because I didn’t have the right foundation. We only covered one chapter of the textbook in school… you can feel behind, like you’re not smart enough to be at college. But Project Rousseau offered me tutoring, helped me keep my schedule organised, and helped cover the costs of my books.”

“My experience of Project Rousseau is like when you go to the gym, and you have a personal trainer to push you and keep you on track, but on an academic level. Our Broadening Horizons programme (Project Rousseau’s program that takes its students to events ranging from international exchanges to visiting local museums) really helped me when I was at college. With Project Rousseau I went to the Philharmonic for the first time, and to a museum, and other places like that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. So at college when people talk about visiting the opera, museums and other countries, I didn’t have a huge culture shock because I had experienced those things.”

“I also like giving back through Project Rousseau. It’s a give and take kind of relationship, we get help but we also give help that others need too. Our community service (Project Rousseau’s students are involved in a great deal of community service, such as weekly volunteering at the Amsterdam Avenue Nursing Home) is kind of a form of showing your gratitude for the things Project Rousseau are giving you. They also got me involved with teach it back, when Project Rousseau students tutor others for the SATs. I’ll definitely keep up with Project Rousseau when I’m older.”