Trip to Williams College

On September 14th, four of our students went to visit Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. They left New York City early in the morning to arrive at the college later that day where they met by enthusiastic students, delighted to share their college experiences. Project Rousseau student Mangbe said about her host, "Sophie was amazing. Absolutely nice and genuinely wanted me to enjoy my stay, loved her school and promised to stay in contact with me after the overnight trip." They also got the opportunity to sit in on lectures and seminars. Mangbe's favorite class was the 'Black Literature Matters'-class because it "spoke a lot about Truth and Identity, how black people should be viewed in the media and does anyone with that platform have to make it political statements for us black people as a whole." The students appreciated that the small seminars meant they got to participate in discussions, despite not being college students. Rony said, "I enjoyed the amount of attention I got from both the professors and students when visiting classes. The instructors gave me the same amount respect, attention, and help. I felt very comfortable even though there was a significant gap in education. They always made sure that everyone was on the same page and engaged."

The students also got a taste of the exciting events and lectures that happen outside of class at college. Bryan Stevenson, the founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative and author of Just Mercy, spoke at the college about his life and career as a public interest lawyer. Kevin stated, "I really enjoyed Bryan Stevenson's talk about mass incarceration in the United States and his struggles with being a black lawyer in the south. It was great to see everyone bond together at this event and see such a powerful person and speaker." 

In all, the trip was a great experience for our seniors who are working on their college applications and provided them with a great insight into college life!