Meet Project Rousseau’s Summer 2017 Intern Team!

At Project Rousseau, we rely upon the efforts of bright and energetic young volunteers who believe in our mission. Here are the fresh faces around the office this summer:


Stella has just finished her second year studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University. Outside of her academic work, she has been involved with college sport and music, and represented the undergraduate student body to the college as JCR President. She hopes that by working at Project Rousseau this summer she will be able to help provide high school students in New York and elsewhere similar opportunities.

Stella has just finished her second year studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University. Outside of her academic work, she has been involved with college sport and music, and represented the undergraduate student body to the college as JCR President. She hopes that by working at Project Rousseau this summer she will be able to help provide high school students in New York and elsewhere similar opportunities.




Kirsty is an undergraduate studying French and Italian at the University of Oxford. She comes from a working-class community in London, and having experienced both obstacles and opportunity, is very interested in social mobility and equality of opportunity in education. She loves to get involved with outreach work at university and has previously worked with disadvantaged young people, doing everything from taking children with challenging home lives on holiday, to tutoring young people with little confidence in their academic abilities. Her personal interests include reading, going to museums, and salsa dancing.

She hopes to contribute to Project Rousseau’s work transforming outcomes for young people, and is keen to apply her skills in a new context.




Zach grew up the youngest of six in Kansas City, Missouri, attending a local Jesuit high school. His first experience with education work was volunteering with a local charity tutoring students over the summer. In Zach’s senior year, he had the opportunity to spend three weeks teaching ESL to recently arrived refugees. In college, he has worked with Jacari, which offers weekly tutoring sessions to the children of refugees.

Zach studies History at Oxford University and he is writing his thesis on the response of the Kansas City black community to the forty-year attempt to desegregate the local school district. Project Rousseau’s mission is an opportunity for Zach to continue with some of the things he has done in the past as well as introduce a more practical angle to his academic interests in the study of education.




Aihem is a third-year student majoring in Medicine at Oxford University. He is a Moritz-Heyman scholar.

Aihem’s interest in promoting access to education has led him to work in a variety of pedagogical settings. Previously, he was a group leader for the charity Free to Be Kids, providing a support network and second family for children from underprivileged parts of London. He also launched an Oxford-based society to assist in the charity’s recruitment and event coordination. Aihem also has tutoring experience; as a tutor for Schools Plus, he helped the young and underprivileged with academics and university applications. He looks forward to a productive summer helping change lives at Project Rousseau.




Jailyne is a student at Baruch College planning to major in Business. She is a Project Rousseau alumna (welcome back!) and, having reaped the benefits herself, is now keen to give back in an administrative capacity. Previously, she has worked with Project Rousseau coordinating broadening horizons opportunities and planning college visits to McGill University in Montreal. This summer, her role will be focused on social media and marketing.



Ben is currently in his final year studying history at Oxford University. He comes to Project Rousseau with an interest in improving access to education as demonstrated in his work as an access ambassador at Oxford. He has also established scholarships for refugees and internally displaced people as a member of the outreach committee of the Oxford Students Refugee Campaign. Outside of college, Benedict has volunteered with IntoUniversity since 2015, providing disadvantaged young people with academic support. He has even taught English in Hebron, Palestine. Benedict looks forward to continuing to help those in need reach the education they deserve.



Honor has just finished her penultimate year at Oxford University reading Theology and Religion. Her own experience working with disadvantaged children (teaching English to mixed age and ability groups of over 30 children at a time) emphasised for her the importance of both personal connection and holistic approaches in creating effective long-term help. This resonates with Project Rousseau’s mentoring and broadening horizons model and struck Honor as indicative of the innovative mentality of the project. Drawn also by Project Rousseau’s vision of empowerment and emphasis on making its students the key agents of change Honor is looking forward to making a worthwhile contribution to education and society whilst also assisting in the deep research and analysis that being on the forefront of educational reform requires.




James has just finished his first year at Oxford University, studying History. His experience both as a student and as a tutor gave him unique insight into the inequalities and inadequacies of both the British and U.S. educational system, and motivated him to join Project Rousseau. This summer, he looks forward to tackling the institutional causes behind academic problems, and helping disadvantaged young people succeed.



Renee is a Moritz-Heyman scholar at Oxford University, studying History.

Last summer, she interned at the office of the RT. Hon David Lammy, MP of Tottenham. In addition to researching and drafting policy recommendations, she also had the opportunity to confer with youth workers in the Ministry of Justice. Within Oxford, Renee is an ambassador of Oxford Women in Business, and also works to increase educational access in the African/Caribbean community through the Annual Access Conference. These experiences have fueled a passion for social impact work, which she hopes to continue this summer at Project Rousseau.



Simon is a rising sophomore at Columbia University, planning to study Economics and Political Science.

Previously, he interned for the New York Legal Assistance Group, a nonprofit providing civil legal services to low-income people in the city. His exposure to the stories of immigrant families, LGBT teens, and other vulnerable populations gave him an appreciation for the importance of educational access. At Columbia, Simon is involved in the Lion Credit Union, an initiative to start a student-run credit union, and the Alexander Hamilton Society, which holds discussions of foreign policy.



Gaby graduated this year from Wesleyan University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Education.

A native Filipina, Gaby has had extensive teaching experience in a wide range of settings. From underprivileged elementary and middle schoolers in the Philippines to teaching East Asian studies in Connecticut, teaching has always been one of Gaby’s passions. An avid psychology student, she has also spent the last three years working in the Wesleyan University Cognitive Development Lab, as well as the University of College London Affective Brain Lab.

This summer, Gaby is excited to join Project Rousseau as a teaching intern and hopes to continue affecting positive change in the classroom and community!


Jessica is a rising junior at Brown University studying Development Studies and Middle East Studies. Throughout high school, Jessica cultivated her interest in improving education by volunteering for the Go Project, a nonprofit that helps elementary school students at risk of getting left behind. In college, she continued her efforts by coordinating an SAT Prep program at Brown. In her free time, Jessica is a yoga instructor with a keen interest in social justice and journalism.

This summer at Project Rousseau, Jessica hopes to continue connecting with students and help them achieve their goals.


Sylvie is a rising senior at Avenues in Chelsea. She enjoys reading, writing, drawing, painting, taking photos, playing volleyball, and playing guitar. In school, she is the head of Feminism Club, a participant in Social Justice Club, and a Co-captain of the Varsity Volleyball team.

Outside of school, she loves spending time with her brothers and friends, as well as watching documentaries, TED talks, and reading about current events.



Leila is going into my final year of university at the London School of Economics, where she studies law. Leila studied in Switzerland before moving to London and is really interested in family and criminal law.

Outside of her academics, Leila loves music and tennis, and is a singer herself!




Zephyr is in lower 6th form at City of London School (equivalent to a junior at a US high school). He is currently studyingA levels in Maths, Economics, and Geography, and is considering applying to US and Canadian universities. 

Previously, Zephyr volunteered at an Oxfam charity bookshop. He also mentored a younger boy at his school. He comes to Project Rousseau hoping to gain exposure to and help disadvantaged students who haven’t been afforded the same opportunities that he has been fortunate enough to receive.