Sidley Austin Visit in Chicago

After the success of last year's visit to Sidley Austin's Chicago Headquarters, this year's visit was highly anticipated by our students in Chicago.

The morning began with a tour of the building. The students were somewhat surprised to see that the office was equipped with such an array of facilities, including a practice trial room and a fitness suite. For the majority of the students this was their first experience in a corporate environment and they were clearly impressed by what they found inside the tall skyscrapers they sometimes walk past in Downtown Chicago! 

After lunch the students heard from a variety of Sidley Austin employees. First, they heard from a litigator and a transactional lawyer about their roles within the firm. While on the surface the focus of the trip was the legal profession this visit also provided a fantastic overview of working in the city. The next presentation featured a panel of four "non-lawyers" working at the firm: an accountant, a tech supervisor, a marketing director and a paralegal. This not only introduced the students to new professions but also highlighted the fact that such a broad range of skills and specialities is required to make a large corporation function. 

Throughout the day the students asked a host of questions with Sidley Austin employees commenting on the quality and range of questions. One of our favourite questions was:

"I like spending time with my family, how do you balance work time and family time?"

We would like to thank Sidley Austin for once again welcoming our students to their office for such an informative and enjoyable experience!