Montreal in March

We took our third trip this academic year to Montreal in late March. For many students this was their first time visiting a college campus and thanks to the generosity, once again, of McGill University they certainly gained an in-depth insight in to student life. We believe that experiences such as eating in a campus dining hall and sitting in on a freshmen class not only inspire students to work harder to get to college but allow them to feel more confident when they do get to college. Through visiting McGill University our students are also exposed to new programs that they may not have previously considered, particularly after visiting the beautiful Macdonald Campus outside of town. 


Our latest trip to Montreal also allowed us to expand our Broadening Horizons programming. We , firstly, visited the Pointe-à-Callière museum to learn more about the history of Montreal. This certainly meant that afterwards, as we explored Old Montreal (despite the bitterly cold weather), our students had a much greater understanding of the French and British influences they saw around the city. Another clear highlight of the trip was our visit to the Marc Chagall exhibition at the Musée des Beaux-Arts. Through this visit we not only acquired a greater appreciation of his art but also about how the changing world around him influenced him, and importantly, how his creativity expanded to music, poetry and costume design not just fine art. 

Once again, Project Rousseau students left Montreal with a strong desire to return. The warm welcome we receive each time certainly shows them that this is an internationally-minded and cosmopolitan city that they would thrive in whilst at college.