Houston visits Chicago!

“The driven minds of the people that I met in Chicago or in Houston, and who are a part of Project Rousseau, have encouraged me to work harder, to be the best I can be, academically, and as a person.”

On the 4th-7th of March 2017 Project Rousseau sent three students from our Houston Chapter to Chicago for four interesting days, packed with activities. The trip was a part of our Broadening Horizons pillar, aiming to open their eyes further by exposing them to environments and opportunities outside of their everyday life.

Throughout their days in Chicago, the students got to visit academic, cultural and entertaining sights and places. Our students got explore the life of a UChicago student, both through a tour of the campus and participation in classes on campus. With an inside experience of the school, our students became not only more informed about their opportunities and ways to achieve these, but also broadened the range of universities our students considered and help them to feel more secure about taking possibilities - also outside their home state, Texas:

“I was considering universities close to home because I was nervous, and didn't really think big or outside of the box. Now, I can say that there is a possibility of me choosing the University of Chicago.”

A big part of the program is also the cultural and personal development outside of the classroom. Luckily, Chicago has many cultural experiences we could take advantage of. The Smart Museum of Art at University of Chicago was a great opportunity for our students to also see other sides of education than the classic academical ways. Other cultural experiences to add to the students experience in Chicago is the Mandel Hall symphony and amusement such as the Art Institute, a visit to the Navy Pier, and a visit to the Skydeck in Willis Tower.

With a trip like this, the students got to not only experience and explore a city different from their hometown, but also open their eyes to a world that in generally bigger than what they’d imagined before this trip.

One of the students described the trip as:

“opening my eyes and made me realize the world is a big place, and if I ever get the chance I'd like to travel to more places. Being in PR has made a huge impact on my life I would've never traveled outside of Texas if I hadn't been in this project.”