Meet Kadijat, a Project Rousseau student who interned in Jordan

Project Rousseau gives our students opportunities to travel internationally. Our students have been on educational trips and exchanges to destinations such as England, Germany and Japan. Our former student Kadijat, our latest who now attends the University of Pennsylvania, went on our London exchange and interned at a school in Jordan this summer through Project Rousseau.

Kadijat told us that the best part about London was that by staying with a host family, "we felt like we were older, and gained more independence, especially in a foreign country. I think that was really important, it asserted that you can survive on your own, you can do adult things... it was helpful for when I travelled abroad last summer, as it took away some of the fear about living with strangers."

"In the summer, I went to Jordan to teach middle schoolers... it was awesome! For three weeks I taught them back to back, and I was also their counselor kind of, because we had duties outside of the classroom- for example we did room checks. Because we were older, we were accountable and responsible for the students."

"Staying in Jordan was great. I knew no one there when I went, but it was great, I loved the people I was working with, and the kids were wonderful… the food was amazing, can’t forget the food!"

More broadly, Kadijat cited our SAT Prep classes and community service program as key to her success, and told us that "In terms of applying to college, the thing is a lot of people outside of Project Rousseau were telling me that I don’t think this is realistic, this will not happen, you can’t do this and that, and Project Rousseau told me that you can do it, if you work hard enough, you can do it, versus other people telling me no. It helped re-affirm that I did really want to apply to these schools, and that I wouldn’t let other people’s opinions deter me from going big, like go hard or go home. I won’t settle for something else."