Our American Dream

On Saturday we were invited to hear Julissa Arce speak about her new book and the story of her life. Julissa arrived in the US from Mexico when she was 11 years old, by 14 her visa had expired and she was living in Texas undocumented. However, this did not stop her from pursuing her dream and reaching the esteemed position of vice president at Goldman Sachs. Julissa shared her story and the challenges she faced in getting here. This was truly inspiring for our students as many face very similar obstacles. 

Julissa spoke about how she was a smart, high achieving student yet as a teenager knew she was different to other students because she didn't have a 9 digit social security number and got rejected from all the colleges she initially applied to because of this. Julissa, however, did not give up and continued to pursue her dream. The advice Julissa gave was extremely helpful for our students and they all left inspired to keep fighting for their own dreams regardless of any obstacles. In particular, reminding the audience that sometimes we may have to make sacrifices to reach our end goal, Julissa was honest in sharing her story and this made it more compelling. 

Julissa is a true example and motivation for all those students, including our own, who are fighting and struggling every single day with different challenges which can take a variety of forms.