How to Save a Life

You never know when you may be in a position where your actions could save someone's life. Fortunately, after another fantastic training session by Jason Mundy at NY Metro CPR more of our students are now equipped with some of these essential skills. This session is part of our "Healthcare Pathway" which is helping students to pursue careers in related fields, our students have many aspirations to work in this field from EMTs to neurosurgeons. We firmly believe developing their skills at this early stage will put them one step ahead whilst also equipping them with skills which quite truly could save a life! 

As the session began, our students became more and more captivated by the importance and the privilege of learning basic life support skills. A lot of the students asked questions, and everyone interacted in the session, with the goal of becoming a better citizen in their community and ready to help those in need Together we learned about the different situations you can be exposed to. We learned to check the pulse, give chest compressions, give oxygen, save a choking baby and many other interesting skills.

Our chaperone, Helene, described the classroom as full of "intense looks and bended bodies over mannequin dolls", indeed our students took this very seriously, and rightly so!  This is definitely something everyone should now about - ask our students yourself!