Rød grød med fløde*

*A funny Danish saying and a very difficult tongue twister for non-danes, translated as "red porridge with cream" and pronounced https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a9/GT_r%C3%B8dgr%C3%B8d_med_fl%C3%B8de.ogg

What better way to introduce a post about our Danish Gap Year Fellows than with a Danish tongue twister! Fortunately, our Danes can master both Danish and English tongue twisters and have been the most extraordinary help communicating with our students as the school year has begun. 

Our Gap Year Fellows have thrown themselves fully into every task set, from assisting with passport applications, making publicity videos and running a college application and interview bootcamp! They've also been heavily involved with our students, both pestering them for all sorts of documents for college applications and chaperoning our Broadening Horizons events. We could not have started this academic year as strongly without our Gap Year Fellows and are extremely grateful for all their hard work! 

Read their account of their time with Project Rousseau here: https://gapyearfellows.wordpress.com/