Card Making for Friends of Jaclyn

On Sunday we combined our regular Community Service at the nursing home with a special craft activity, making cards for children suffering from cancer. We had been introduced to the wonderful organization, Friends of Jaclyn, through one of our interns and were very excited to help them support young children suffering from cancer. 

We made a large number of cards which Friends of Jaclyn will keep on stand-by to send to children when they go into hospital for treatment. Whilst a simple gesture we hope these cards will be a small message of positivity for these children at such a difficult time. 

Our students were very thoughtful and spent a great deal of time thinking carefully about a message to write in their cards. Rony, a talented artist, had a particularly fantastic idea - he drew the outline of cartoons and suggested to that the recipient would like to color in the picture as he thought they would have lots of spare time! 

We look forward to continuing to work with Friends of Jaclyn!