Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

This weekend Project Rousseau students were lucky enough to attend games at both the Mets and the Yankees thanks to ticket donations made possible by Most Valuable Kids and Umps Care. 

On Saturday, some of our students had the extremely exciting opportunity to meet the umpires at a Yankees game, the students (and chaperone) will definitely remember this "once in a lifetime experience" for a long time.

Chaperone, Elvis, asked Umpire Paul Connor, "since you are so good at making tough decisions can you answer some of my tough life choices?", Paul said, " just make sure to swing as hard as you can when that baseball of life is heading your way, you never know how many at bats you'll get." - a great piece of advice for our students as the academic year approaches and they will have many new experiences coming their way!

We then visited Citi Field to see the Mets play the Marlins, for our Danish Gap Year Fellows this was their first taste of sport in the US and luckily our students were on hand to explain the complexities of baseball! Abigail in particular demonstrated considerable patience when explaining that the batters don't run around the whole outfield just the bases and other questions. 

Finally, in what has become a Project Rousseau tradition we ensured we stopped at the Jackie Robinson Rotunda to think about the values that he displayed and how we can translate them in to our everyday lives.