A Trip to the Tenement Museum

We recently took a fascinating trip back in time at the Tenement Museum in New York. Through an interactive tour of reconstructed tenement housing our students learnt about life as an immigrant to the US in the late 19th century. We followed the life of an immigrant Irish family consisting of an actual tour of their apartment, a slideshow full of firsthand accounts of history during that time period, and even pictures of the family themselves.  Mercedes, a self proclaimed "history buff" described the trip as "amazing and insightful" as she felt the tour "brought to life the family's experiences and struggles back to life". 

The experience was particularly poignant for our students as many of them are themselves from recent immigrant families. Ruby, whose father moved to the US from Bangladesh explains more on the themes we discussed:

 "We explored race related issues during that time and how they affected a nationality, like an Irishman couldn't apply for a job simply because he was from Ireland or a disease outbreak was blamed on a religion. Attending this trip truly opened my eyes as to how far this city has progressed since then, and how we can avoid mistakes. After all, history is taught so we don't repeat it!"