Summer Update!

We are now more than halfway through our summer programming at Project Rousseau, and many exciting events have taken for both our students and our volunteers!

Since the beginning of the summer, our NYC chapter has been fortunate enough to host a variety of weekly academic programs at the Global Learning Collaborative in Manhattan. Such programs range from tutoring for the upcoming Regents Exams to SAT preparation. The Global Learning Collaborative Library has provided an excellent work environment for our students as well as our Summer Interns.   

Our team has grown considerably since the introduction of new interns at the beginning of the summer. We now have the help of Oxford University graduates and current students, students from universities in the northeast, and interns working remotely to broaden our students’ horizons in Chicago, Boston and Copenhagen. The additional staff are committed to Project Rousseau’s mission of helping our students reach their full potential, and they are working daily to plan an in-depth schedule of programing for the upcoming academic year.

As a core pillar of our programing, ‘Broadening Horizons’ is a central initiative behind our mission; this summer, we have exposed our students to many new experiences, both domestically and internationally, in order to facilitate their appreciation for culture and education. Ronaldo, an upcoming junior of Project Rousseau New York, is currently attending the Senior Forum SuperCamp at Stanford University. The camp is attended by students from more than 80 countries. During their experience at SuperCamp, students like Ronaldo are taught the importance of critical thinking as they obtain lifelong learning skills and learn tools of academic success.

In early July, a group of our students visited Yale University. During a tour, they observed many notable features of campus including the Sterling Memorial Library, the Women’s Table, and the Theodore Dwight Woolsey Statue. Project Rousseau intern Jess Hao believed that the trip was a huge success, noting that our students had “plenty of opportunities to ask questions and find out about the Yale Experience,” and that they were given time to “meet with current Students and discuss college life.” Trips like these are an outstanding way for our students to prioritize their goals as they witness a potential living environment that they are working towards. When our kids observe college students, instructors, and campuses, they gain a new perspective on what they can achieve when they work at their fullest potential.

Combining academics and broadening horizons, some Project Rousseau students are currently on an international exchange trip with Andrew in Copenhagen. While there, students participate in SAT preparation alongside our Danish partner school students. The courses are administered by current college students affiliated with Project Rousseau. Not only is this a fantastic way for our kids to work on their test scores, but it also provides them with an invaluable occasion to appreciate the features of a foreign country.

In an effort to give back to our community, Project Rousseau members recently participated in one of the organization’s largest annual Community Service Opportunities: Park Day. On this special occasion, our students and volunteers came together to work maintenance and remove invasive plant species from St. Nicholas Park in Harlem.

Going forward, Project Rousseau looks forward to attending many sporting events thanks to the generous contributions of Most Valuable Kids. MVK is a non-profit organization that makes it possible for undeserved youth to attend competitions through its distribution of donated tickets. By the end of this month, our students will have attended contests that include the New York Yankees and the New York Red Bulls.

Our staff looks forward to the rest of the summer and the return of the 2016-2017 academic year. As we prepare for the return of school, we anticipate another successful year of academic achievement, community service, and broadening horizons!