Project Rousseau London Exchange 2016!

From January 12th to January 19th 5 Project Rousseau students visited London on our annual UK exchange.  Through our London exchange we aim to expose our students to British culture, the British university system and also the capital’s buzzing financial sector.

Having touched down in a chilly London Gatwick, our students made their way to their host families.  All of our students had fantastic experiences with their hosts, quickly developing friendships with their peers and relying on their local knowledge to make the most of their time in the city.  Indeed, one student described his host family as an inspiration, demonstrating that the "sky is the limit" for those who aspire to success.

After just enough time to get over the jet-lag, we started our program of cultural activities with a visit to the Southbank.  Across the week our students enjoyed many classic London experiences, from a show in the West End to a traditional afternoon tea. In many cases, these activities served to broaden their academic horizons, with historical walking tours and museum visits illustrating Britain's rich cultural heritage.  Indeed, several students felt that this trip kindled an interest in British history or made the London they had read about in novels all the more real to them.

The exchange also gave our students unique access to British universities.  During their time in the UK, our students met professors from University College London (UCL) and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). They also spent a whole day in Oxford, meeting current and past students (many of whom had only been able to attend the university thanks to generous scholarships), visiting historic buildings and taking part in a mock tutorial.  One student was so surprised by the friendliness of the Brits that he is considering studying in the UK in the future.

Finally, this exchange aimed to broaden our students' professional horizons.  Through a breakfast with London-based young professionals and corporate office visits, our students got a privileged insight into working life in a dynamic and globalized city.

Our international exchanges only exists because of the generosity of so many partners:  from the families who host our students to the university admissions staff, young professionals and university alumni who take time out of their days to meet our students.  We are proud to be offering our students these life-altering opportunities. Please do consider donating to our Broadening Horizons program.  One student put it quite simply when he said:

 "I can easily say that travelling has not only made me realize the possibilities of life, but also inspired me to want to learn more about different cultures."

Visit our Broadening Horizons page for more information.