A Visit to the Natural History Museum

This week our Broadening Horizons event featured a trip to The Natural History Museum. We met up by the great entrance, in front of the The Equestrian Statue of Theodore Roosevelt. Gazing up at this imposing figure we discussed the history and purpose of the statue. The interesting background of the statue which quickly sparked a debate about history and the students’ life values. As we often say it is unexpected experiences like these which often are the most enlightening during our trips. 

Inside we visited exhibitions on everything from Asian culture, 5,000 year old South American traditions, meteorites and fossils from Saurischian Dinosaurs etc. 

Another pleasing aspect of the trip was the leadership some of our older students showed in assuming the role of "guides" for new students to the museum. Building on their previous visits to the museum these students expertly shared their knowledge with others.