Editing our College Essays at Hearst Tower

It's not unusual for Hearst Tower to be busy with industrious individuals late into the evening, however this week there was a slight twist. Thanks to Mark Redman and Maureen Sheehan of Hearst General Counsel we were invited to run our College Essay Bootcamp in this quite unusual setting. Whilst many of our students have grown up amongst Manhattan's towering skyscrapers very few have had chance to see what goes on inside and this location could not have been more inspiring for an evening of editing our college essays. 

The majority of our attendees were seniors working on their final edits as the Common App deadline draws closer at the end of the month. For them the evening was focused on getting final proof-reads and edits from our staff to give them the best possible chance of success in the coming months. An added bonus of our bootcamp set up is the opportunity it allows for students to work together and help each other. Our Senior Class are a particularly strong cohort in terms of the support they give each other and the friendships they have formed we are certain will last long after their high school graduation this year. 

Also attending our bootcamp were some of our alumni who were working just as hard but on slightly different applications, such as for jobs or community college. For some of these students getting to this position alone is a huge achievement in itself given the personal obstacles they have faced in the last few years. Helping them share their stories and successes and assisting them on their next steps was equally a focus of this evening.

Whilst the aim of the evening was to leave with a polished college essay we certainly left with so much more than that! This exciting setting sparked many discussions including about the value of networking, whether we can truly ever consider anyone an expert and how to represent yourself well in a corporate setting. Working in the General Counsel's office also reminded us just how many skill-sets are required to make a business successful and that we should think beyond the main function of a company. 

We are extremely thankful to both Mark and Maureen for making this opportunity possible and we are very excited to continue working with them and the Hearst Corporation in the future.