Jean Prendergast Award 2016

Congratulations to Alice Randall, this year's winner of the prestigious Jean Prendergast Award for Excellence in Community Service! Alice has been vital in enrolling her fellow students into Project Rousseau's Chicago chapter, and her unquenchable enthusiasm for Project Rousseau will undoubtedly have a great impact on the Chicago chapter's first year of graduating students.

The Jean Prendergast Award for Excellence in Community Service is awarded annually to the Project Rousseau student who has made the most outstanding commitment to community service during the academic year. The recipient is recognized for exemplifying the qualities of service of others, altruism and compassion that Jean embodies through her volunteer and professional work with military veterans. Indeed, Pie Day itself is Jean's creation. 

Alice has grown up in the Southside of Chicago and has, first-hand, experienced the violence and turbulence this long neglected community suffers from. Despite, this Alice remains a constant source of positivity and is the first to be an advocate for her community. Alice has many hopes for the future but a running theme is to give back and help the future generations of Chicago's Southside. 

Special thanks should also go to Alice's fantastic mentor at UChicago, Danaë, for the consistent and dedicated support she has offered Alice throughout her high school career.