Pie Day 2016

2016 was our biggest Pie Day yet and first to take place simultaneously in two cities: New York and Nashville. 

Pie Day in New York actually spanned two days beginning on Friday in our office. This year our interns revolutionized the pie crust preparation by measuring out the ingredients ahead of time. This definitely helped us exceed every expectation of volume and contributed to the overwhelming success of Pie Day 2016. We left Times Square late in the evening with a very full trunk load of pie crusts and various other ingredients and a gaggle of excited students! 

Just a few hours later we were unloading at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School and Pie Day 2016 was officially underway. Students soon set to work on various stations from peeling apples to rolling dough out. Only slightly behind schedule, we had our first batch of pumpkin pies in by 10:20am. The morning progressed surprisingly smoothly and over 100 volunteers gathered to participate. We have certainly come a long way from the first Pie Day five years ago in a small studio apartment. One constant, however, is a core group of students who have proudly participated in every Project Rousseau Pie Day. 

We soon reached our limit and unfortunately ran out of pie tins and boxes well before we ran out of other ingredients and enthusiasm! We have definitely made a note for next year's planning team to up the number of boxes/tins. 

Over in Nashville pie preparation was also underway. Although a slighter smaller pie total this was a huge step for Project Rousseau and marked our first out of NY large community service event. Nashville's event also created a considerable stir in the local community with various media outlets coming to see what was going on (http://www.newschannel5.com/news/local-news/volunteers-bake-pies-for-the-homeless). The success of Nashville's event has inspired us to plan Pie Day in both D.C. and Chicago too next year.