Sustaining our Scandinavian Links

This week our students had the very unique and exciting opportunity to visit Scandinavia House in New York. Here all five Nordic Permanent Representatives to the United Nations were discussing their opinions on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Our students listened intently and clearly engaged in the topic as they actively discussed the lecture afterwards whilst sampling some Scandinavia delicacies. 

Some of our students who attended the lecture have already visited Europe on our international trips and many of the students who attended the lecture will be visiting Denmark with us next March. We are keen that our students value and sustain the links they forge whilst abroad and come to appreciate that a trip abroad is a lasting experience. This lecture was a great way to introduce them to Scandinavian culture and just a few of the differences they may observe whilst abroad. 

As new student Michael put it the experience "was really eye-opening and broadened [our] perspectives about the future of the world". We are very thankful to Scandinavia House for allowing us to participate in such an interesting event.