October Mentor and Mentee of the Month

This month's featured mentoring pair are from our Rice University Chapter in Texas. Sarah and Katerine have been matched for just over a year now and their relationship has flourished during this time. Indeed, Sarah says the most rewarding aspect of mentoring is her friendship with Katerine, a sophomore at Houston Heights High School. 


Katerine says whilst there are many things she admires about Sarah, such as her kindness and honesty, it is her ability to inspire which stands out. From the moment they met Katerine found conversation with Sarah extremely stimulating. Since then Sarah has continued to motivate Katerine to work hard at school and aim hard. In Katerine's own words "I am a tad bit lazy sometimes...but Sarah pushes me to do better which really helps me". 

Sarah, a sophomore majoring in Policy Studies and Statistics at Rice University, has found her relationship with Katerine help her to see her own life in the context of the wider world and also finds Katerine a source of inspiration to not only work hard but to dream big! 

Congratulations and thank you to both Katerine and Sarah, we've loved hearing about how your pairing has developed in the last year and look forward to Katerine coming on our London Exchange in January 2017.