Hosting our Danish Friends.

Early October saw our long standing Danish partner school, Rysensteen, visit our students in New York. Our international exchanges are always a wonderful experience for our students whether they are visiting or hosting. Our students are always fascinated by their new international friends and we love to see their confidence and interest in other cultures develop over the exchange. 

A highlight of this trip was our visit to the NY Islanders to watch an ice hockey game. Students from both countries thoroughly enjoyed themselves, it was a particularly special occasion for Project Rousseau student Mahogani who was reunited with her Danish host student at the game! 

Another Project Rousseau student who has visited Denmark in the past with us, Rehanuma, was also treated to a surprise rendition of "fødselsdagssang" the Danish version of Happy Birthday! 

For the Danish students this trip was also of immense value. The theme of their trip was the changes seen in NY after 9/11 and they approached this theme from a variety of angles, from musical to political! The students also got to stay on campus with some of our Columbia volunteers and of course fitted in a few of the traditional "tourist" must-dos! 

We now look forward to planning our own trip to Denmark in March 2017!