Welcome to the new www.ProjectRousseau.org!

Welcome to the brand new version of www.ProjectRousseau.org! We hope you find information about our programming and contact information easier to find. We will continue to make some updates over the next couple of weeks, but for now feel free to look through what is already here.

Some of our features that will be updated soon include:

  • A complete page for Friends of Project Rousseau, including information about their initiatives, upcoming events, and Executive Board Members.
  • The transferring and updating of our resources database from the previous iteration of Project Rousseau.
  • Each Chapter will have its own dedicated page with details about its specific activities and contact information.
  • New content to share exciting new developments!

We owe our gratitude to so many people who contributed to this new website. First, we thank Edwin Chavez for his help in designing the template. Then, as always, we thank Kyle Dunn. Kyle has been our go-to for technical issues for almost three years now; he had  designed the previous iteration of our website, and contributed substantially to working through some technical difficulties in this one.

We hope you enjoy our new site!