University of Chicago Chapter Welcomes New Mentees at Cookout

This fall season has been an active one for Project Rousseau, filled not only with our usual mentoring and test prep, but with a variety of events, information sessions, and partnerships in support of our mentees. In particular, Project Rousseau recently saw a kick-off event in our University of Chicago chapter, where there was a cookout on October 18th as a way to introduce this year’s new mentor-mentee pairings. Since Project Rousseau fundamentally operates through intensive one-on-one mentor/mentee relationships, both new and returning pairs found a great deal to celebrate. Event coordinator Ian commented in particular, “It really sparked excitement from the whole group”.

In addition to the introduction of mentor-mentee pairings for the year, the event was also a way for Project Rousseau to build connections with students attending Hyde Park Academy. To facilitate these ties, the cookout was held at the park across from the school and attracted members of the basketball team at HPA in particular, with three players able to arrive after practice. Of special note were three new freshman students from HPA who expressed interest in joining Project Rousseau, speaking both to the success of the cookout event and the overall success of Project Rousseau’s UChicago chapter as a whole.

Following the cookout kickoff event, our Chicago chapter is also planning to invite HPA students to the UChicago football game which will be held this Saturday, November 9th. He noted in particular, “We have already heard back from a few of our mentees. I also think we will be able to have them hang out around the field during warm ups, which I think the students will like.” Overall, the Chicago chapter of Project Rousseau seems to be on a roll with its events for the rest of the fall, both strengthening pre-existing relationships as well as working towards acquiring several new mentees.