Project Rousseau’s Thankful November Series, November 9th: Amsterdam Nursing Home

Every Sunday since February 2013, our students in New York City have had the distinct pleasure of volunteering at Amsterdam Nursing Home. Amsterdam has been an extraordinary place of service, learning, and growth for all of our students who have been involved. Every Sunday, they interact with the residents, help them with their daily tasks, discuss current events, and do other activities with them. They also support the nursing home staff in numerous ways, ranging from cleaning up the library to making the monthly hallway decorations. As time has progressed, our students have taken on more leadership with planning activities.

As we approach two years at Amsterdam Nursing Home, we take time on this Sunday to reflect on our experience there thus far and how grateful we are to be a part of the Amsterdam’s community. We look forward to many more great Sundays there! Thank you, Amsterdam Nursing Home!