Project Rousseau’s Thankful November Series, November 7th: Columbia University Astronomy Department

Columbia University’s Department of Astronomy runs extraordinary public outreach programs from which our students have been benefiting since 2012. We have had the benefit of lectures, stargazing (including learning how to use the telescopes!), film nights, and meeting Professors. Our students love the experience and get so much more excited about science and learning more generally every time they go to one of the Department’s events.

This year, Columbia’s Astronomy Department has gone even further out of their way to help our students, offering our students the opportunity to meet their Faculty in small groups and sit in on an undergraduate lecture. Later this year, our students will get to shadow graduate students and faculty members through a normal day in the life of an astronomer. We certainly now have a number of future astronomers in our student body!

Columbia’s Astronomy Department has given our students a venue for their intellectual curiosity, imagination, and dreams to run free. Just as importantly, they get meaningful exposure to very talented, hard-working, and approachable faculty who demystify higher education and make learning even more enjoyable.

In just two hours, we will be back for another fantastic night of the Department’s biweekly Stargazing series!

Thank you, Columbia University Astronomy Department!