Project Rousseau’s Thankful November Series, November 5th: Youth Service America

Youth Service America does so much to promote one of our core values: young people making a weekly commitment to community service. Community service is a key tenet of our philosophy. Through community service, our students are empowered with the realization that they can positively impact the life of another person; in so realizing, they also learn that they can create that same sort of improvement in their own lives. Most importantly, they come to appreciate the full power of the education that they constantly are working so hard to attain in our programming: with increased skills, they can impact even more lives even more profoundly. What starts as a fourteen year-old making an elderly person smile at a nursing home, feeding the resident of a homeless shelter, or reading to toddlers every week grows into a lifelong sense of responsibility and fulfillment through helping others.

We are so grateful to YSA’s support of our initiatives, and for their support of service-learning for so many American youth throughout the country. We encourage you to visit to learn more about their programming and how you can get the youth in your life more involved in community service programming.

Thank you Youth Service America!