Project Rousseau’s Thankful November Series, November 22nd: Our Mentors


Our one-to-one mentoring program is the cornerstone of our students’ successes. The mentoring program is where they first build their indelible bond with Project Rousseau and the mindset that they deserve to achieve excellence. Our standardized test prep and academic programs are integral to our academic success, and our community service and other extracurricular programs are crucial to our overall development, but all of these successes are built on the foundation of our mentoring program.

We rely so heavily on our mentors so heavily, and they never cease to amaze us with their dedication to their mentees and with their compassion. Our mentees are driven to succeed by our mentors, and little motivates them as much as making their mentors proud. Our mentors serve a number of roles, the most important of which could very well be that of a trusted confidant when our students need to discuss their concerns, hopes, and futures.

We are also grateful that our mentors go above and beyond their call of duty; so many of our mentors keep up with their mentees once they begin college and continue to provide advice and support along the way. We might only ask for a single one-hour meeting per week while the student is in high school, but our mentors do much more than that year-round and beyond high school.

Thank you to all of our mentors!