Project Rousseau’s Thankful November Series, November 19th: Most Valuable Kids NYC


Anyone who has followed updates about Project Rousseau over the past two years knows that Most Valuable Kids is one of our most cherished partners. Most Valuable Kids provides our students with tickets to sporting and cultural events throughout the year as rewards for good behavior. In addition to rewarding good behavior, the opportunities that MVK makes available to our students expand their horizons and inspire fascinating questions.

MVK’s growing partnerships with the New York Philharmonic and other similar institutions have been an added blessing for our students. As we launch our music program, our students have loved attending performances at Lincoln Center. It has opened their eyes to new cultures, new parts of the world, and new music. We cherish the opportunity to take our students to the Philharmonic, and to make them feel as though Lincoln Center is a home away from home.

It seems that every single day, more outstanding rewards and opportunities are available to our students through MVK than had been available the previous day. We look forward to seeing this trend continue well into the next year and beyond!

Thank you, Most Valuable Kids!