Project Rousseau’s Thankful November Series, November 18th: The Cagni Foundation


We are very grateful for the Cagni Foundation’s generous support of 10 Cagni Foundation Scholars for the 2014-2015 academic year. These ten outstanding Project Rousseau students are noteworthy on many fronts: they are extremely talented, dedicated, perseverant, and committed to using their education and skills for the full benefit of their respective communities. They exemplify everything Project Rousseau stands for, and we are very proud of everything they have accomplished.

Thanks to the generous support of The Cagni Foundation, these ten scholars will have resources available to them to maximize their exposure to a plethora educational experiences, including enrichment programs, skills-based learning, summer programs, and much more. Each scholar will determine the spending scheme for their funds in collaboration with their respective mentors and Project Rousseau staff. We will be sure to highlight the students as they progress through the first year of this fantastic collaboration.

Thank you, Cagni Foundation!