Looking Ahead to 2015


2015 will bring many new successes and experiences for our students. We are very excited for new developments in programming areas in each of our Four Pillars:

Mentoring: Our mentors are the foundation for all of our students’ successes. Thanks to our generous supporters, we have been able to create a fund for mentors to take their mentees to even more special experiences. This has been particularly crucial in rural areas, where a trip to a museum is a long (and expensive!) trip. All of our mentors have been thrilled to offer their mentees special trips to even further build their extremely strong bonds with their mentees.

Academic Excellence: We will continue to help our students raise their expectations for themselves. In January 2015, we will launch a program for qualified seniors to train to become SAT/ACT instructors. They will begin in the classroom, learning the methods and philosophy behind the coursework that served them so well throughout their SAT/ACT Prep process. They will then begin serving as TA’s and tutors to their younger peers under the guidance of one of our experienced instructors. They will be ready to begin teaching our prep courses after six months, ensuring that we will continue to have a strong pool of instructors for our students. We will also help students improve learning in key areas by increasing our enrichment offerings in World History, French, and Biology. We have also added an additional writing skills course to help our students prepare for college-level writing. All of our coursework undergoes constant evaluation and improvement. We look forward to even more outstanding academic results from our students in 2015.

Community Service: One of our key community service goals for 2015 is to increase the ways in which our students serve their community and the skillsets with which they are empowered to do so. In light of this goal, we will be launching two extremely exciting initiatives to compliment our preexisting weekly service programs: The PR-GCNSSC Student Consultancy and the PR-AMAF School Partnership. The PR-GCNSSC Student Consultancy will consist of three teams of students, each of which will consult the Grand Central Neighborhood Shelter (GCN) in New York City on a key administrative need: finances, marketing/public relations, and web design, respectively. Each month, students in each group will have a presentation by a professional in one specific area of their committee’s work, and they will then work as a team during that month to apply that knowledge to their goal for the shelter. The Consultancy will culminate in a series of written reports for GCN’s staff. The PR-AMAF School Partnership represents our increased commitment to The AMAF School in Nairobi. Students will serve in three teams, helping AMAF School with acquiring learning technology, gaining access to fellowships and other teacher training opportunities, and through Skype-based tutoring.

Broadening Horizons: We are excited to add our second international exchange in London. Our 2015 London Exchange cohort will be visiting London from January 10th-17th! We also look forward to increasing student interactions and exchanges between our chapters. Naturally, we look forward to the 2015 edition of our Copenhagen exchange as well!