2014 Year in Review


Dear Friends of Project Rousseau,

2014 has been another spectacular year for our students! We have seen inspiring firsts in all of our academic outcome metrics, in higher education admissions, and in our all of our programming. We have seen equally inspiring work in continuing our programming from 2013. Our students never cease to amaze us and instill a great sense of pride in their mentors, instructors, administrators, and –most importantly of all- themselves.

There are so many great stories from the past year that embody our values and our students’ successes. One of these great stories comes from a conversation group we led with our exchange students from Copenhagen when they visited us in New York in October. One of our Danish colleagues asked our students “what makes a Project Rousseau student different from his or her peers?” Mia, one of our 10th grade students, answered with two simple words: “higher expectations.”

Our students continue to raise the standards for excellence to which they hold themselves. They meet with their mentors more often, they request more tutoring, they study independently more frequently and thoroughly, they increase their community service involvement, and they take every opportunity we provide them to broaden their horizons. We know that the expectations they have for themselves are at the core of this drive. Our mentors help their mentees realize that they can accomplish more, that we support them in all of their endeavors, and that we do everything we can to satisfy every curiosity they have. We have increased and added to our academic enrichment and standardized testing preparation courses, foreign language and music programming, international exchanges, and fieldtrips to ensure that we constantly broaden their horizons and fuel their passions. Our student body’s curiosity, hard work, and- in Mia’s words- higher expectations show in all of the data and stories you will see in the subsequent pages of this Annual Report.

Our students also continue to find new ways to give back to their community. We are always so proud to see our students work as passionately at our community service programs as they do at our academic programs.

We invite you to look through our Project Rousseau 2013-2014 Academic Year Annual Report to learn more about what our students have accomplished in 2014, and to see the extraordinary futures that they are creating for themselves. Most importantly, our students’ successes would not be possible without your myriad forms of support, and we look forward to seeing you continue to be a part of our students’ lives.