2011-2012 Academic Year in Review: Mentee Teamaré Gaston

Being a member of Project Rousseau has taught me many beneficial skills that will help me move forward with my academic career. While I do admit that being part of the program did make my sophomore year busier than most of my friends’, it was for the better. There was not a moment when I wasn’t doing some assignment for the program along with my own school work, yet with some counseling I was taught how to organize and pace myself. Within the program are classes, groups, and clubs that provide the students with after school activities that enhance their abilities academically, and strengthen their chances of graduating. One of these clubs is the SAT Prep class offered by Project Rousseau which prepares students for their SAT’s by reviewing vocabulary, reading comprehension and mathematics.


Other activities include the Political Science Class, the French Club, and of course the mentoring program. The mentoring program pairs students with Columbia students based on their interests and has them meet weekly to go over assignments. The mentoring program is the foundation of project Rousseau, most students who joined the program were paired with a mentor as the first step of being a full member of project Rousseau. Gaining a mentor helps students develop social skills, and gives the kids someone they can turn to for advice. The purpose of the mentor program is to get high school students involved in college level activities with guidance. Every member of the program has become close, developing into one big family. Project Rousseau is the epitome of what a community should be. No student is ever left to fall through the cracls due to the supportive atmosphere emitted by everyone. Walking into a room full of Project Rousseau members will bring a smile to any educators face, seeing that everyone is so determined to advance and reach their goals. It is that determination that allows the program to thrive and grow. Being a member of Project Rousseau has given me the push that I need to boost my self-esteem, academically, and mentally. The program is great for anyone who loves to work, be pushed, and on occasions, used an example of what an ideal student is.